Permits we Offer:

We offer a wide range of permit services, from residential and non-residential to specialized permits, encompassing home expansions, commercial projects, zoning, and more, ensuring seamless compliance and project success. For more details check below;


We offer comprehensive residential permit services, covering everything from home expansions and interior alterations to outdoor enhancements and structural modifications, ensuring your project complies with all regulations.


For non-residential projects, our permit services encompass dynamic re-demising, culinary and hospitality spaces, commercial and industrial expansions, retail projects, personal service spaces, and business licensing, tailored to meet your specific business needs.


Our "Other Permits" services provide essential support for land use changes, zoning checks, minor variances, re-zoning and land severing, site plan approvals, tree removal, conservation approvals, and heritage protection, ensuring smooth project progression.

  • Residential Permits

    Elite Home Expansion Authorizations:
    Secure permits for high-end additions to your residence, enhancing your living space with a touch of modern luxury.

    Bespoke Interior Transformation Approvals:
    Obtain the necessary permissions for custom interior modifications, tailored to infuse your space with contemporary elegance.

    Exclusive Basement Egress Solutions:
    Acquire permits for sophisticated basement walk-outs, seamlessly blending luxury with functional design.

    Luxury Secondary Suite Endorsements:
    Facilitate permits for opulent secondary units in your basement, maximizing your property's potential with refined style.

    Elegant Outdoor Living Permits:
    Attain authorization for luxurious decks and landscaping projects, transforming your outdoor spaces into serene havens of modern design.

    Premier Garage Expansion Permissions:
    Get the green light for both detached and attached garage additions, enhancing your estate with structures that reflect contemporary luxury.

    Chic Laneway Suite Certifications:
    Secure permits for stylish laneway suites, adding a touch of urban sophistication to your property.

    Sunroom Addition Approvals:
    Obtain permits for sunroom additions that blend seamless elegance with natural light, creating tranquil luxury retreats within your home.

    Structural Modification Endorsements:
    Acquire the necessary permissions for the removal of load-bearing walls, opening up your spaces to a world of modern, open-concept living.

  • NON-Residential Permits

    Dynamic Re-Demising Solutions:
    Secure permits for flexible unit configurations, optimizing your commercial space for efficiency and adaptability.

    Culinary Space Innovation:
    Obtain design and permit approvals for restaurants, crafting spaces that blend culinary artistry with modern ambiance.

    Hospitality Haven Creation:
    Facilitate permits for hotels and motels, designing welcoming havens that promise comfort and luxury.

    Commercial Space Extensions:
    Achieve authorization for commercial additions, expanding your business footprint with elegance and precision.

    Industrial Evolution:
    Navigate the complexities of industrial alterations and additions, enhancing functionality with cutting-edge design.

    Retail Revitalization:
    Transform retail spaces with comprehensive drawing and permit services, infusing shopping environments with contemporary flair.

    Personal Service Sanctuaries:
    Create bespoke personal service facilities with the right permits, offering exclusive experiences in luxurious settings.

    Business License Facilitation:
    Streamline the process of obtaining business licenses, ensuring your enterprise operates within a framework of sophistication and compliance.

  • Other Permits

    Re-Demising Unit Approvals:
    Secure permits for sophisticated reconfiguration of commercial spaces, ensuring a seamless blend of functionality and luxury.

    Culinary Space Design & Permits:
    Obtain bespoke permits for restaurant interiors that epitomize modern elegance, crafting unforgettable dining experiences.

    Hospitality Haven Approvals:
    Facilitate permits for hotel and motel designs that marry comfort with contemporary luxury, setting the stage for exceptional guest stays.

    Commercial Expansion Permits:
    Achieve authorization for commercial additions, expanding your business footprint with a touch of modern sophistication.

    Industrial Evolution Endorsements:
    Secure permits for alterations and additions to industrial buildings, transforming workspaces with innovative and luxurious designs.

    Retail Revamp Permits:
    Obtain permits for retail facility designs that captivate and enchant, blending commerce with modern luxury aesthetics.

    Personal Service Sanctuary Approvals:
    Facilitate permits for personal service facilities that offer an oasis of luxury and relaxation in a contemporary setting.

    Re-Demising Unit Redefinition:
    Secure re-demising unit permits to redefine commercial spaces, infusing them with modern luxury and adaptability.

    Business License Permits:
    Obtain the essential permits to operate your luxury brand in a modern, compliant, and visually stunning environment.

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